Monthly Archives: July 2016

Building Clout: For When We Mess Up

Building Clout: For When We Mess Up At my high school, we were only allowed to buy homecoming tickets the week before homecoming - they weren't sold at the door. My date was supposed to buy our tickets, but on Friday night, I found out he'd forgotten them. There's a point to my story , I promise.…
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Teaching Independence on Independence Day

Teaching Independence on Independence Day Working with older kids, I have noticed two different kinds: the ones who can do things for themselves... and the ones who can't. Teaching independence, starting at a young age, helps kids succeed in the future. Teaching independence does not mean you're a bad parent, who leaves their kids home alone with matches and…
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End Your Internship Like a BOSS

End Your Internship Like a BOSS When your internship is over, there's far more to be done than simply cleaning up your desk and walking out. End your internship with gratitude and professional savvy.   Write a THANK YOU NOTE Get old school and use some nice stationary and a nice pen to write a good…
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