Can’t Get to the Gym? Workout at Home!

Can't Get to the Gym? Workout at Home!

Sometimes, you might find yourself without the right equipment for a workout. But that's no excuse to sit on the couch!


  1. Legs & arms workout/stretch with a bed

workout at home


at home workouts











  1. Abs workout with a chair

There are a lot of workouts you can do with a chair! The chair is your friend!


at home workouts










  1. Pushups with a desk/table

Do at least 10 reps x  3 sets.

at home workouts












  1. Arms workout

Use heavy stuff for an alternative to weights!

at home workouts
















  1. Use the wall for wall-sits

Start from 30 sec and make it to 1 min.

Try doing 3-5 sets a day! You will feel your thighs burning!

at home workouts












And don't forget other workouts like squats, jumping jacks, lunges, crunches, etc, which can all be done on the floor!




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