Career Accelerator

A Summer Program for High School Students


The Career Accelerator is a summer program for talented high school students who are looking to discover more about their future careers. The five-week summer program includes a professional development course and an internship with some of the city's most prestigious organizations.




More than just an internship:

The Enrichery Career Accelerator Testimonial

The Career Accelerator's robust professional development course was designed in collaboration with Vanderbilt University faculty with high school students in mind. It is the perfect way for students to discover their unique strengths and learn how to market them in an increasingly competitive world. With colleges asking students to declare majors on their applications (and even write essays about these major choices!), the Career Accelerator provides the opportunities necessary for students to showcase their talents.

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What Our Summer Program Interns are Doing:

You won't find our summer interns at the copy machine or on a Starbucks run. Our summer program students work with their mentors to design capstone projects tailored to their unique interests and talents.

high school summer program

Intuitive Machines

Student worked with ex-NASA team, using Python to build algorithms to effectively sift through mass amounts of data. Student also participated in the design of virtual reality program to simulate a commercial space station.




The Craig Duvall Advanced Therapeutics Laboratory

Student designed and produced a staggered herringbone micro fluidic mixer, a device used to form nanoparticles to be used in drug delivery. The nanoparticles will travel through the body and accumulate at disease sites.



The Houston Mayor’s Office of International Affairs and Trade

Student organized the annual Houston Consular Ball for international diplomats, raising over $40,000 in donations for the silent auction. Student also wrote letters for Mayor Turner to diplomats from all over the world.







MBCO Engineering

Students performed an in-depth traffic analysis used by the City of Houston to plan a major shopping center.






The Texas Medical Center Innovation Laboratories: NueroLex Laboratories

Student performed in-depth research on anxiety in the teenage population to ultimately identify trends in speech samples to diagnose health abnormalities.





Program Details:

2019 Dates: June 10 - July 12

Tuition: $3,500

  • Professional Development (1 Week):
    • Go to class Monday-Friday from 11am-4pm with your friends to get prepped for the working world. 
  • Internship: (4 weeks)
    • Go to your internship site from Monday-Thursday and work on your capstone project with your mentor.
  • Reflections (Every Friday)
    • Sleep in! Then meet up with your friends and The Enrichery coaches from 2-3:30pm to talk about what went on at work that week.
  • Final Friday Reflection: Presentation of Capstone Project
    • Your supervisors and families will come to a final celebration in which you'll present your project.

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