College Admissions Coach

Become a College Admissions Coach

We're looking for coaches who are passionate about building strong relationships with students and launching them on a path to success.

As a college admissions coach, you will build close relationships with students as you help families navigate their way through the college admissions process. You will help with creating a solid college list, drafting and polishing of college essays, and submitting college applications. Finally, you'll track student progress and communicate with parents and students about goals and expectations.

What We Offer

  • Quiet office space for maximum focus
  • All materials (white board, computer, books, copies, etc.)
  • Paid professional training
  • Flexibility in scheduling (you'll book your own clients)
  • Fully stocked refrigerator with snacks, drinks, and coffee
  • Competitive pay between $35-50 per hour, depending on experience


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