We're so grateful for our wonderful students and families.

Hear what they have to say about working with The Enrichery.

"The summer internship program was very rewarding. It was a combination of fun and professional experience. Before I joined the program, I had very little experience with interviews and my resume definitely needed work. Because of this program, I learned great career building skills in class and got to see what everyday life is like at a therapy clinic. I also discovered that my personality test results and work values results correlated with my career choice. Outside of class and work, we did lots of fun activities together as a group. After doing this program, I am more confident in being interviewed, and I'm more educated on the best way to get a job."




Chris L., Ole Miss - Speech Pathology Major

The Career Accelerator "was an awesome experience all around. I got to work at a Biomedical Engineering Lab and make 2D nanoparticles! The professional development class was also really helpful and taught me to be more confident in the workplace."

Annie S., Louisiana State University - Engineering Major

 "Before working with Sarah, I was extremely apprehensive of the whole college admissions process. I was overwhelmed with all of the deadlines that needed to be completed and was very unsure about what to write my essays on. The first day Sarah came, she immediately made me feel more organized and ready to tackle the college admissions process. She is a very personable person and made me feel very comfortable. I was worried about not knowing what I wanted to write my essays on, but Sarah asked me all the right questions . . .[she] knows how to help transform a boring idea into a lively and unique story. She helped me cater each of my essays and my resume to my major, presenting me as a perfect candidate for the programs I hoped to be accepted to. . . . Needless to say, all of my deadlines were met with no stress. I am very proud of all of my essays and my resume and know that gave me a major advantage to the admissions board.  You can tell that Sarah really wants you to achieve; she texted me numerous times after I had already completed my sessions with her just to check up on me and my progress. Luckily, I have gotten into every school I have applied to, including my dream school." 

Emily W., St. Agnes Academy

"Before I came [to The Enrichery], I had no idea what I needed to do for college and I was really scared I was going to forget to do something. . . . [After working with them] I finished all my applications, brought my science score on the ACT from a 25 to a 35, and I have gotten into one of my top school choices. I feel very confident that my applications are complete, and that my essays make me stand out amongst other applicants. I really liked how they guided me in what I needed to write in my essays. They helped me bring out things I never would have written on my own. . . . if it weren't for this help I probably would not have gotten into one of my dream schools. I couldn't have done it on my own"

Julia C., Rice University, Stratford High School