Professional Development

Discover Your Career Path

Enrichery Nashville Summer Internship Participants

The Career Accelerator's professional development course is the perfect way for students to discover their unique strengths and learn how to market them in an increasingly competitive job market.


Part I: What Do You Bring to the Professional World?:

  • Discover how your personality influences your work style and the way you interact with others in the workplace.
  • Discover your unique interests and passions and how they translate into various career fields.
  • Learn about your strengths and values, and discover how they can determine your ideal workplace.
  • Assessments: DiSC personality test, The Passion Test, Strengthsfinder, Work Values Inventory



Part II: How Can You Communicate Your Strengths to Others?:

  • Learn essential business communication skills, etiquette, networking, and impression management.
  • Craft a resume and cover letter that make you stand out among your peers and highlight your unique qualities (includes professional editing).
  • Learn how to answer common interview questions and discover how to market your unique strengths in an interview setting (includes videotaped interview & evaluation).
  • Complete a mock interview with a hiring professional (includes written evaluation) and improve based on detailed feedback.
  • Learn presentation and public speaking tips and tricks.


Part III: How Can You Find Job Satisfaction and Success?:

  • Learn how to choose a college major and career path using your knowledge about your personality, interests, passions, strengths, and values.
  • Analyze job market trends to plan for the future.
  • Complete in-depth industry research and devise actionable strategies for next steps.