Professional Development

Discover Your Career Path

Our professional development course is the perfect way for people to spend time uncovering their unique strengths and figuring out what's next.


Session 1:

  • Discover how your personality influences your work style and the way you interact with others in the workplace.
  • Discover your unique interests and passions and how they translate into various career fields.
  • Assessments: DiSC personality test, The Passion Test, Strong Interest Inventory


Session 2:

  • Learn about your strengths and values, and discover how they might affect your performance in the workplace.
  • Craft a resume and cover letter that make you stand out among your peers and highlight your unique qualities (includes professional editing)
  • Assessments: Strengthsfinder Test, Work Values Inventory


Session 3:

  • Learn how to answer common interview questions and discover how to market your unique strengths in an interview setting (includes videotaped interview & evaluation)
  • Learn presentation and public speaking tips and tricks


Session 4:

  • Learn how to go about choosing a college major or future career path using your knowledge about your personality, interests, passions, strengths, and values.
  • Complete in-depth industry research and devise strategies for next steps
  • Mock Interview with a hiring professional (includes written evaluation)


Session 5:

  • Address the question, “What’s Next?” with a certified career coach.
  • Learn essential business communication skills and etiquette