Starting Early with College Planning

img-37Want to get a head start on the competition?

Get started as early as middle school to plan your high school and college trajectory. Our coaches can help you strategize your summer and school year to position you for college admissions success. 

Head Start Strategy Sessions

These sessions are typically for motivated freshman, sophomores, and first semester juniors who would like to get a leg up on the competition.

During these sessions, we will tackle things such as: which AP courses to take, how to find leadership opportunities in activities (even if you weren't elected president), how to start looking for senior year recommenders, when to begin SAT/ACT prep, organizing a smart college search, how to show demonstrated interest, etc.

Students will also benefit from regular check-ins each semester to set goals and review progress. 

Test Prep Building Blocks Workshop:

Our foundations course is designed for freshman, sophomores, and first-semester juniors who are just beginning their test prep journey. 

  • Saturdays & Sundays only 
  • Limited to 5 students
  • 12 hours of instruction + unlimited mock exams + materials + lunch
  • $1150