From Taco Bell to Triathlon

Hooray! It’s Get Physical Friday!

I guess it makes sense to write your first bog post as an introduction of sorts. Aside from the super cool, book-loving, grammar-correcting, and Jeopardy!-watching me, I am also (dare I say it?) — an athlete. For me, this is a fairly new classification. I’ll give you a brief history.

Chapter 1: Wedding Dress vs. Queso

I started running five years ago when I got engaged. (Nothing like a white, strapless wedding gown to light a fire under your you-know-what.) I had 20 extra pounds on my frame, and it was time to kick the Taco Bell to the curb. I started by taking every class known to man at the gym (yes, even Zumba) and getting a personal trainer.


Wedding Dress











Chapter 2: Amanda Shows Me the Joy of a Race Calendar

Thanks to my super awesome trainer, Amanda (who happens to be a close friend now), I signed up for my first half marathon. Being the kind of person who likes needs a plan and likes needs to set goals to accomplish anything, all it took was a race calendar to get me hooked. Ever since, I’ve loved to race.


Run a 10K









This is one of my first races. (Don’t be fooled. While I look super speedy, I probably cruised around 10:30 the whole time…Hey, the paparazzi like a strong finish.)


Chapter 3: Running = Boring. But I Still Love Queso. 

Fast forward a couple years and a few marathons. Eventually I grew tired of the whole wake-up-early, run-for-eternity, eat-everything-in-the-fridge, sleep-the-rest-of-the-day-with-ice-packs-on-my-knees rigmarole. I was bored. (There are only so many hours you can listen to rap music, amiright?)


 Rap Music









Chapter 4: Slow, Lonely Runner Meets Fast, Sexy Triathlon Team

I saw them at my gym. A group of unicorns women with six packs. (“Where do you get these?” I wondered.) After a few days of spying, I figured out that these unicorns were actually a much stranger breed. Triathletes: people who like to suffer swim, bike, and run for enjoyment. Call it intuition, but somehow, I knew these were my peeps. After a few weeks of careful observation, I got the courage to approach Arnold Schwarzenegger the strength coach, and thank God, even “regular people” were allowed to join the club.


First Triathlon








My first triathlon. Shout out to my AWESOME mom who woke up at the crack of dawn for all of my races.


Triathlon Coach








Me and my new coach. (In case you were wondering…no, I did not miraculously get an 8-pack. I am the one on the left.)


Chapter 5: Never Suffer Alone

I have now been a part of my Triathlon team for 9 months. I’ve pushed my limits with the help of supportive coaches who know just when I need a kick in the butt or (less often) some time off. I’ve made great friends who turn hard work into fun and make 10+ mile runs feel like a Girls’ Night Out (well, almost). With every training session and race, I learn something new. I am excited to share this journey with you and others who might need a laugh, a cry, or a little inspiration.