Random Act of Kindness: 7 Day Compliment Challenge

Random Act of Kindness: 7 Day Compliment Challenge

Before I talk about the significance of complimenting others, watch this video: “People react to being called beautiful”


In general, I like people-watching (not in a creepy way, I swear). I can see people’s worries, stress, or (less often) joy. Sometimes I wonder, ”What if I said something nice? Would it help?” This video proves that it will. Even something as simple as being called beautiful makes everyone (male or female) break out into a smile and laugh.

You're never fully dressed without a smile









Based on my own experience, whenever I am feeling stressed or anxious, hearing a kind word from someone unexpected definitely boosts my mood. That one word or sentence will sometimes stay in my head until I go to sleep, lessening the stress that I might have had for the entire day.

I can live two months on a good compliment, Mark Twain







Alternatively, being the person who is giving the compliments is also a mood-booster (and it is a totally FREE and EFFORTLESS way to give back to the people around you!). Knowing you brightened someone’s day, even if it was just by giving a quick compliment, makes you feel good too. So either way, kindness affects everyone positively.

Can you challenge yourself to give one compliment to someone every day this week? Don’t forget, your one nice act to a friend, teacher, family member, or stranger could make their day. Have a sweet Wednesday!

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