Volunteer Spotlight on Bellair Farm

Volunteer Spotlight on Bellair Farm

We interviewed Eleanor, a current honors freshman student at Columbia University, to hear about her experiences as a volunteer at Bellair Farm.

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What is Bellair Farm?

Bellair is a farm located just south of Charlottesville that grows “clean, safe, delicious food responsibly and with strict adherence to organic standards”. Their mission is to “to run a sustainable business and create a dynamic community around the farm and the food it produces”.


What did you learn from being a Green Life Activist at the Bellair Farm for four years?

Being involved in the organization and participating in farming made me realize the power of time. Time never accepts any tricks or shortcuts, but it never betrays either. I have reaped exactly what I sowed – the honest hours I poured into my passion bloomed in a vibrant sky-blue Jicama flower. Nothing could ever parallel or replace the countless hours of endurance and authentic endeavor.

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What made you want to be a Green Life Activist?

I always had a personal interest in healthy and organic food. I wanted to participate in the process of actually growing the food. Being involved in the farming process enabled me to not only appreciate the effort put in to growing organic food, but also understand how food is grown.


What is some advice you want to give to current high school students looking for volunteer opportunities?

I think it is imperative for high school students to know that in volunteering events, you have to genuinely enjoy the unpaid work. Instead of considering it as something you are doing to fill up your community service hours, you really want to find value in what you are doing and feel happy knowing that you are making a difference in the world.


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