Everybody Wins: Habit #4 of Highly Effective Teens

Everybody Wins: Habit #4 of Highly Effective Teens

As college acceptance letters begin rolling in, I felt it timely to discuss Steven Covey’s Habit #4 of Highly Effective Teens: Think Win-Win.

Covey urges us to view life as a lesson in cooperation, not competition. He writes:

Most of us learn to base our self-worth on comparisons and competition. We think about succeeding in terms of someone else failing–that is, if I win, you lose; or if you win, I lose. Life becomes a zero-sum game. There is only so much pie to go around, and if you get a big piece, there is less for me; it’s not fair, and I’m going to make sure you don’t get anymore. We all play the game, but how much fun is it really?

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Especially for the seniors who are perhaps watching their friends get into top tier universities, I ask you to think win-win. Yes, we can ALL win. Celebrate each other’s successes, and be sympathetic towards failures. You will find that it makes like a heck of a lot easier when you can openly support your peers and confidently dismiss yourself from the rat race.

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