How to Destress









At some time or another, we have all experienced high stress levels. Stress leaves you feeling irritable and exhausted, and can also lead to physical tension and anxiety. There’s no doubt that stress not only doesn’t feel good, but it is bad for your health!

Here are some simple ways to de-stress:


Find your zone?

take a deep breath








Got an upcoming exam or an important presentation to make in front of a big crowd? Try to take a deep breath in and as you exhale, imagine the tension leaving your muscles. (I like to think, “Breathe in all the good stuff, and exhale all the negative”.)


Write in a journal?

keep calm and write it down











Writing, drawing, or doodling everything down on a piece of paper will give you the feeling that you are getting rid of the heavy burden on your shoulders, and putting it in another place. (Another technique for those whose stress keeps them awake at night—keep a notepad next to your bed and jot down your worries or “to do’s”.)


Hang out with happy people??

When you’re feeling down or need emotional support, go hang out with happy people! There’s always that friend who is energetic and happy all the time…go find them! Other people’s moods rub off on you.

stressed is desserts spelled backwards


enjoy life