How to Start your Own Club (and Why You Should):

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If you’re interested in something, but there doesn’t seem to be a good outlet for it at your school, then it’s up to you to make an outlet.




What’s your club’s mission? How will you get people to join? How often will you meet? How competitive will the membership be? What will you do? Will you have elected officers? Come up with a game plan – ask and answer all the questions you can think of.


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This is why you made your game plan first – because potential sponsors will surely ask you these questions, and maybe a few more you hadn’t thought of. Make sure your sponsor is someone you get along with pretty well, because you’ll have to spend a good chunk of your time with them. (Incidentally, this could be a great person to ask for a letter of recommendation when it comes time to apply to college!)

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You want permission for your club—more importantly, you want recognition and support. Your school likely has a procedure for this; once you have everything planned, make sure everyone else is on board, too!

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