3 Ways to Rock the Last 4 Weeks of School

3 Ways to Rock the Last 4 Weeks of School


  1. Know Where You Stand:
    1. Yes, it can be scary to look at your grades (especially if you have a feeling you’re not doing so hot). But it does you no good to avoid the truth. Find out where you stand, and see what kind of grades you need to be aiming for the rest of the year.


  1. Ask for that Extra Credit
    1. Don’t wait until the last week of school to ask your teachers what you can do to boost your grade. Ask now! (In general, it’s always a good thing to show your teachers that you care about your performance in their class.)

extra credit



  1. Take a Look at Your Planner
    1. The end of the year tends to be jam-packed with tests, projects, and end-of-the-year events. Be prepared for the craziness. Look at your planner for the next few weeks and plan ahead!

plan ahead