5 Amazing Summer To-Do’s

5 Amazing Summer To-Do’s



1. Travel

St. Augustine said the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. If you can afford it, go on an adventure or two… or ten. It doesn’t have to be St. Barts… Load your best friends in the car for a road trip. Take a day trip somewhere, save some airline miles, find a way to see beyond the world you already know.

2. Read

If you can’t travel, read. It’s just as good, if you’ve got imagination.


3. Learn Something New

Take a class, watch YouTube videos, Google it. Learn something you’ve always wanted to learn, but haven’t ever had the time. My sister once spent a summer learning to play the ukulele. Now, whenever she’s stressed, she take out her ‘uke and plays for a few minutes. No skill is a waste. Want to learn another language? Want to improve your math skills? What to solve the rubix cube? Improve your golf game? Do it.

4. Volunteer

Find something you care about, an unjustice that unsettles you, and make a difference. I once volunteered to help infants born addicted to drugs, and spent a whole summer holding them as they screamed. It sounds heart-breaking, and it was. But it was also life-changer. Here’s one of my favorite quotes: Be the Change

5. Work or Intern Somewhere

Experience is vital to growth. Get out there, learn about the working world, join the fray. Get your hands dirty (literally or figuratively, depending on your personal interests).