SCHOOL HACK: How to Effortlessly Write the Introduction of a Paper

SCHOOL HACK: How to Effortlessly Write the Introduction of a Paper


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Step 1: Don’t ever write the introduction first. Ever. An intro is a road map for the rest of your paper and tells the reader exactly where they’re headed. Can you give good directions to somewhere you’ve never been? No. All you need to start writing is a thesis statement that states your argument. (*This will be the last sentence of your introduction.)


Step 2: If you’re on step 2, that means your paper should be finished. Now we’re on to the breeziest part: writing sentence #1 of your intro.

Sentence #1 contains 3 things: Author, Title, & Topic. (AT&T to make that one easy to remember.)

  1. Example: In the novel I Know This Much Is True, Wally Lamb explores the devastating affects of mental illness on family members.


Step 3: Your next 2-4 sentences explain what your paper is all about. It is basically an outline of your body paragraphs.



Take all of your topic sentences from your body paragraphs and reword them. If you have good topic sentences that give a general description of what each paragraph is about, this trick works flawlessly. (*Hint:  Make sure you include LOTS of transition words for this part!)




Step 5: Read your introduction out loud and see how it sounds. If something sounds weird when you read it out loud, it’s because it was written that way!