12 Things You Can’t Forget to Pack for College

12 Things You Can’t Forget to Pack for College

1. Shower Shoes. If you can only choose one thing to pack for college, it should be this: do not go in the bathroom without shower shoes. Just – ew.

2. LOTS of undies. Your days of Mom’s laundry service are sadly over. You can do the same pair of jeans a few days in a row, but… well, you get the idea. Yuck.

pack for college, laundry

3. Mattress Pad. The beds in the dorms are not built for comfort. Get a nice mattress pad. Sleep is pretty important.

4. Twin XL sheets. Odd size—don’t forget the XL!

5. One professional outfit. Hopefully you will be working on finding internships during 2nd semester, and that means – interviews! Also, a lot of teachers require you to do presentations in nice clothes.

6. Under-the-bed bins. Dorms are small. When you pack for college, remember to maximize your space!


7. Heavy duty command hooks. Again, this goes with the maximizing your space thing.

8. Hangers. Easy to forget, very important to remember!

9. Power strip. You’ll have lots of chargers and probably only 1-2 outlets.

10. Medicine kit with the essentials. When you get sick, the last thing you wanna do is walk to the Walgreens.

sick puppy with ice pack

11. Trash can. Another thing that is easy to forget, but important from the second you move in.

12. Nail trimmer + tweezers. Let’s keep ourselves groomed people.