End Your Internship Like a BOSS

End Your Internship Like a BOSS

When your internship is over, there’s far more to be done than simply cleaning up your desk and walking out. End your internship with gratitude and professional savvy.



Get old school and use some nice stationary and a nice pen to write a good ole’ fashioned thank you note. Then get modern and write a thank you email on top of that. Wowza. Gratitude is everything, and most millennials get railed for being entitled and ungrateful. Go ahead and surprise them.



Email the Team

Next, get super crazy and thank the entire team for putting up with you all this time. You might think you’ve contributed valuable work (and I’m sure you have), but let’s face it — you’re inexperienced, and they had to put up with that. End your internship by saying thank you.

thank you note


Connect with Everyone on LinkedIn

If you haven’t already, connect with everyone you met at your internship on LinkedIn. These connections could prove to be beneficial in the future, and if you wait to connect with them, they may have forgotten you already.

Connect on linkedin


Check In Once in a While

Especially if you’re interested in working there one day, check in every few months. Let your old supervisor know how things are going, and ask how he/she is doing. Or, if you come across an article you think he/she might appreciate, go ahead and send it his/her way. *Note: checking in does not mean asking for favors. (But checking in makes it easier to ask for favors later.)

checking in