College Essays We're Tired Of Reading

College Essays We’re Tired Of Reading

We know you’ve done some pretty awesome stuff over the past four years. Please get creative when you’re writing about those things. Honestly, when you start tackling the college essays, you should spend most of your time planning out what you’re going to write about.

boring college essays

Here’s a list of yawn-worthy college essays we are just tired of reading.


The essay about your mission trip to Guatemala when you realized that there was poverty in the world. We’ve read this one at least 3 billion times. If you’re going to talk about your mission trip, pleeeeaseeee have a better life lesson at the end.boring college essays


The essay about how your grandma came to the US from El Salvador or wherever and pulled herself up by her bootstraps. You have a cool grandma; that is awesome. But she’s not applying to college. Your essay needs to be about you.

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The essay about how you went to the championships with your basketball team, and you learned that “hard work pays off”. Cool. Now let’s go about 8 zillion times deeper. You need to put a lot of thought into the “what you learned” part of the college essay. This is your chance to show maturity and perspective. Use it!

boring college essays


The essay about how you’ve always wanted to be a lawyer because that’s what your parents do. Show the admissions people you’ve grown up a bit. This sentiment is fine to have, as long as you back it up with the ways you’ve explored that career path on your own.

boring college essays

The essay about how you got injured playing sports and had to sit on the bench for a season, which taught you to appreciate your health. Unless you have had to  endure a serious medical condition, steer clear of injury essays. A story about a broken arm and being benched for a season is a total snooze.

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