So Close, Yet So Far: 5 Steps for Finishing the School Year STRONG

So Close, Yet So Far:

5 Steps for Finishing the School Year STRONG

If you’ve gotten spring fever, you aren’t alone. The weather is better than ever and the end of the school year is in sight, which brings feelings of restlessness and a general inclination to start “slacking off.” It’s temping to coast right into summer break, but resist the urge! Don’t let your hard-earned grades start to drop. By finishing the school year strong, you’ll really deserve your summer break.

Don’t procrastinate.

This is something that we say over and over again, but it’s especially important during the springtime. By buckling down and getting your homework and studying done right away, you’re ensuring that you’ll have free time later! If you get your big project done a week before it’s due, you’ll be able to hang out with friends or go to a baseball game without any deadlines looming over your head. Get your work done ASAP and you’ll be able to make the most of the fun opportunities and beautiful weather that comes your way ­– it’s win win! Finishing the School Year STRONG


Take advantage of nice weather.

Speaking of nice weather, why not take advantage of it while you’re working on schoolwork? If you hole yourself up in the library or your bedroom studying, you’ll be miserable – and it’s tempting to blow off homework if you’re miserable. Instead, take your work outside. Enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather by working outside at a coffee shop or the park. There’s nothing wrong with working on your tan while working on your AP Chem.

 Finishing the School Year STRONG


Get organized and stay organized.

School seems way less stressful when you know exactly what needs to be done, and when. If you know you have three tests and four projects coming up but aren’t exactly sure what needs to be done, it’s easier to feel overwhelmed and unmotivated. Keep your planner filled with due dates and exam dates, and you’ll know which task to tackle first. It might seem like a hassle jotting everything down in your planner, but it’ll make your to-do lists easier and insure your grades don’t suffer from forgetfulness.

 Finishing the School Year STRONG


Set a few concrete goals.                 

“Do well for the rest of the year” won’t exactly light a fire under you. Instead, set a few specific goals. For example, set a goal to get an A on your Calculus final or to raise your History grade from a B+ to an A-. These are specific and attainable, and they’ll give you something to focus on and work hard for. Plus, it’ll feel great to start your summer with a feeling of accomplishment from achieving a few goals!

 Finishing the School Year STRONG


Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

You’re about to have a long, glorious vacation from school. I know you don’t want to study for that test, but it is one of your very last ones. I understand that you dread writing your final essays, but they’re some of your very last ones. You have enough gas in the tank to get through this! You’re so close, so why give up now? You’ve worked hard all year and it is silly to let your grades drop now.

The end is in sight! Take a deep breath, get the eye of the tiger, and commit to finishing the school year strong!

Finishing the School Year STRONG 

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