Fast Facts About the “Southern Ivy League”

Fast Facts About the “Southern Ivy League”

The eight elite institutions that comprise the Ivy League are extremely selective, rigorous, and respected… but they aren’t the only topnotch schools in the country! Many people use the term “Southern Ivy League” to describe the most prestigious schools of the South. While there is no official list, we’re giving you fast facts about some of nation’s most notable Southern schools. If you can’t fathom sacrificing mild winters and Southern hospitality in pursuit of an Ivy education, this post is for you!


Duke University

southern ivy league

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,639

Acceptance Rate: 9.2%

Most Popular Majors: Public Policy Analysis, General, Biology/Biological Sciences, Economics, Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, and Psychology

Interesting Fact: Duke is the Southern school that produces the most Forbes 400 billionaire graduates.


Emory University

southern ivy league

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,867

Acceptance Rate: 22%

Most Popular Majors: Business Administration & Management, Biology, Economics, Registered Nursing, and Neuroscience

Interesting Fact: In the middle of the week, students celebrate Wonderful Wednesday with things like food trucks, music, and games.


Rice University

southern ivy league

Location: Houston, Texas

Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 3,910

Acceptance Rate: 15%

Most Popular Majors: Biochemistry, Psychology, Chemical Engineering, Kinesiology & Exercise Science, and Mechanical Engineering

Interesting Fact: There are more out-of-state students at Rice University than in-state students (57% vs. 43%)


Tulane University

southern ivy league

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,662

Acceptance Rate: 21%

Most Popular Majors: Business, Management, Marketing & Related Support Services, Social Sciences, Biological & Biomedical Sciences, Health Professions & Related Programs, and Psychology

Interesting Fact: Tulane University had to close for four months in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, and 492 universities opened their doors to displaced Tulane students.


Vanderbilt University

southern ivy league

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,883

Acceptance Rate: 8.6%

Most Popular Majors: Economics, Multi-Interdisciplinary Studies, Social Sciences, Political Science & Government, and Neuroscience

Interesting Fact: You can people-watch on any campus, but squirrel-watching is way more fun at Vanderbilt – there is an ridiculous amount of these animals roaming the campus.


Wake Forest University

southern ivy league

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 4,871

Acceptance Rate: 25%

Most Popular Majors: Economics, Political Science & Government, Finance & Financial Management, Communication & Media Studies, Biology

Interesting Fact: Wake Forest keeps the library open 24-hours during finals, and provide things like a “Relaxation Station” and midnight snacks to help students make it through!


University of Virginia

southern ivy league

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 15,891

Acceptance Rate: 39% in-state/22% out of state

Most Popular Majors: Economics, Business/Commerce, Biology/Biological Sciences, International Relations & Affairs and Psychology

Interesting Fact: Dr. Seuss was rejected from UVA. Oh, the places he WON’T go!