You Applied Early Action/Early Decision…

Now What? 

You’ve crossed your t’s, dotted your i’s, and your Early Action or Early Decision application is officially submitted and out of your hands. And now… you wait. But what exactly are you waiting for? And what happens once you get your decision? We’ve already answered your questions about the applying process, but today we’re here to answer all your questions about what happens next!


What are the possible outcomes? What does each mean exactly? 

That partially depends on the school you’ve chosen to apply to – some schools only admit or deny, while some choose to admit or defer. Here are all three outcomes you may receive.

Admit: Obviously, this is great news– you’re in! Keep reading to find out what to do next.

Deny: If you’re denied after applying Early Action or Early Decision, you will not be admitted for the following school year.

Defer: Basically, you’re waitlisted. Your application will be reassessed with the pool of Regular Decision applicants.


What if I’m accepted Early Decision?

If you find out that you’re accepted Early Decision, congratulations!

Your Early Decision acceptance means that you will enroll in that college or university. Because you have committed, you will need to withdraw any other applications that you’ve submitted.


What if I’m accepted Early Action? 

If you find out that you’re accepted Early Decision, congratulations!

Your Early Action acceptance is not binding. You have until May 1st to decide if you will enroll in that school or not.


What happens if I’m deferred?

Don’t stress out if you find out that you’re deferred. Your application will be reevaluated once they’ve received all the applications during Regular Decision.

It’s important to let the admissions counselors know that you’re still very interested in their school (if you are!). Let them know that it is still a top choice, so they know that you will be likely to attend if accepted later on.


What happens if I’m denied?

If you were denied after applying Early Action or Early Decision, don’t freak out. Even if it was your “dream school,” you will find somewhere else to call home – and you will find another school that feels like a dream. The great thing about finding out early is that you have more time to submit applications, learn about other programs, and find a school that seems like a great fit.

If that school is still your #1, after all is said and done… you can always apply next year!


What should I do in the meantime, before I get my decision?

 While you’re waiting to hear back, keep preparing and submitting applications to other schools. Even if your heart is firmly at one school, you need to make sure you have other options in case you aren’t accepted. Keep your grades up, keep your options open, and GOOD LUCK!


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