The Importance of Learning Professional Development EARLY

There’s no question that professional development is crucial – and if you aren’t convinced yet, we’ll direct you to this blog post. We all know that certain skills, like nailing an interview and crafting the perfect resume, are invaluable once you begin the professional chapter of your life. So… that means you can wait until you enter “the real world” to start caring about developing these skills, right? Definitely not!

Here’s the deal: professional development is kind of like dating. The job you want is your crush. Your first interview will likely be a bit uncomfortable, and maybe even awkward. You’ll probably create your first resume by looking around at what has worked for other people. You may practice saying all the “right” things in the mirror, but you’re bound to stumble a little bit. Just think about how much better you’ve gotten at talking to your crush since those painful middle school years. There is no substitute for time and practice – don’t apply to your dream job with the grace and poise of a middle schooler talking to their crush. Learning professional development early is invaluable.


learning professional development early


Every resume you make will be a bit better than the last. Every interview will be a little less intimidating. Every piece of advice you get from an experienced professional will make you a stronger candidate for your next job. This is why it’s absolutely imperative that you start learning professional development early, at a young age! You need to find your identity, learn your strengths, and become comfortable in an environment or situation that can be scary. You need to master the art of presenting and selling yourself. The more time you give yourself, the more prepared you’ll be when it’s really go-time. Now, how do you go about getting this important experience?


learning professional development early


For the majority of the year, your focus is purely academic: homework, studying, and exams. Why not devote your summer to strengthening yourself professionally? The Enrichery’s Career Accelerator has every thing you need in a professional development course and then some.


learning professional development early

In the Career Accelerator, students have guidance as they identify a professional path that will utilize their strength and passions. Then, they’ll learn how to market themselves on paper with an outstanding cover letter and resume, and get interview practice in a mock job interview. Finally, students will hold an internship in their field of choice – what better experience is there? Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to start learning professional development early, and start your application here!

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