What Exactly Is Academic Coaching? An Interview With A Coach

I had one coach in high school. He was my cross country coach, and he rode his bike behind me on long runs and yelled at me to relax my shoulders and pick up my pace. That’s why, when I first heard the phrase “academic coach,” I pictured someone standing behind me as I nervously filled out a Scantron, shouting at me to go faster.

Turns out, that’s not accurate. (Shocking!) An Enrichery coach works with a student to create individualized plans, from identifying issues in their learning process, teaching invaluable study skills, to assisting with specific content. They help each student prep for important tests with one-on-one guidance, strategy help, mock tests, and performance tracking.

Of course, no one can explain the process of coaching better than one of Enrichery’s own. Emelie Nelson is a graduate of Texas A&M, where she studied Biomedical Sciences. Today, she helps Enrichery students achieve their biggest academic goals, one coaching session at a time.


How would you explain the coaching experience for someone who has never done it?

It is a really great and rewarding experience. You, as a coach, are your students’ light, guiding them down a (sometimes scary) path toward their dreams. Admittedly, it can be a lot of work. Because each student’s needs are different, you are constantly changing up lesson plans/ catering to each student individually. However, the positive impact that you can have on your students’ lives makes it totally worth it.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a test prep coach?

I love seeing students surprise themselves (whether that be because they master a difficult concept or achieve a score that surpasses their expectations).  

Can any student benefit from test prep coaching? Are there certain students that particularly benefit by working with a prep coach?

Yes! I think anyone can benefit from test prep. Our curriculum/ study plan for each student is totally unique. We really strive to assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses and then devise the best study plan for each student so that he or she may achieve the best results possible. 

What is your favorite or most memorable “proud coach” moment?

One of my students came to me struggling in chemistry. After a few weeks, she became the highest scorer in all of her teacher’s classes. He even announced to the whole class that he would be using her exams as a key!

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about academic coaching in general?

I highly recommend academic coaching.  The coaches at the Enrichery are not only focused on helping students achieve their dream scores and grades, but we also strive to produce students with great character and to empower them with the life skills that they need to succeed in college and beyond.