Mastering The “Study Cycle”

Our teachers have drilled it into our heads since middle school: cramming is not an effective method of studying. We’re told repeatedly that waiting until the night before an exam to buckle down and study will not pay off in the long run. And yet, somehow, that’s often what happens. No more! Let’s chat about an incredibly handy tool called the “Study Cycle,” which was adapted from Frank Christ’s PLRS (Preview, Lecture, Review, Study) system by Saundra McGuire, in her book called Teach Students How to Learn.

The Study Cycle, when followed thoroughly, is an incredibly effective method of learning, reviewing, and mastering new information in your classes. But that’s the kicker: it must be done thoroughly! Rather than a list of suggestions to pick through, the Study Cycle is a step-by-step guide that only works if you don’t skip a single step.

With the printable below, you can check off each step in the Study Cycle as you make your way through the semester. Before long, it will likely become second nature.