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Admissions Results

Admissions coaching can begin as early as 8th grade. At The Enrichery, we do not believe in stressing out our families! Our coaching style focuses on setting students up for success by arming them with knowledge and confidence. Starting early actually lowers stress, ensuring that you and your child are 100% on track.

Click here to see a sample of what a high school college coaching plan looks like. (Actual plans are unique to each student.)

The Enrichery Difference


We believe in a positive approach to the college admissions process. We like to make our students excited for the journey!


We give our students admissions-specific knowledge that will enable them to make the best choices for their academic future.


At each session, we set time-specific goals and check in with our students at every “deadline” to check their progress.


We help students find the best fit schools and provide them with a personal college information portal to keep organized.


We help keep our families organized with a personalized college admissions binder that is full of important information and timelines.


We’re just a text away, so you can get quick answers to your most pressing questions.

What Our Families Have To Say

"Sarah is young and fresh and the kids can relate really well with her. It was a wonderful way to begin the process of letting our kids leave our nest. This incredibly large and important (grown up) process belongs to the child...They worked independent of mom. They are in charge of the passwords and emails and deadlines, etc. The product the kids put out, because of the guidance of Sarah, is perfection. Both of my kids were able to feel good about having done everything they needed to do to present themselves to the colleges in a polished manner."

- Joan C.Houston mother of two seniors

"Before working with Sarah, I was very confused and stressed about college application process. [The Enrichery] is better than some other similar programs because of their intelligent and qualified instructors. They helped me produce quality essays and applications that would help me stand out to colleges in a very small amount of time. It was a huge relief and burden off my shoulders after finishing applying to all my colleges. Now, I have gotten into all the colleges and programs I've applied to so far, [and I am] feeling confident about the rest of my results!"

- Parker

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