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Should the College Application Process Be Revamped?

Should the College Application Process  Be Revamped? This week, U.S. News published a new piece about the college application process, and this time it had nothing to do about school rankings. In this thoughtful opinion piece by college counselor Danny Ruderman, he argues that the entire process of applying to colleges is broken, and something needs to be done about it.…

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Texas Topics: Last Minute Change to the UT Austin Essay Prompts?

Texas Topics: Last Minute Change to the UT Austin Essay Prompts?   School is (finally) out for the summer, which means many hopeful Longhorns are hard at work on their UT applications before their senior year begins. However, there have been whisperings through the grapevine that the University of Texas at Austin may actually be changing…

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Social Media & Colleges #Creeping

Social Media & Colleges #Creeping   creeping (verb): learning more about someone by viewing/reading what they post on their social media accounts; the creeper usually remains anonymous by not following or friend requesting the creepee. See also: lurking.   This post isn’t going to go too deeply into what you likely been told a million…

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