Academic Coaching

Our private tutors inspire their students to take pride in their work. We go far beyond mastering the subject material. We empower students to become successful young scholars.

Test Prep

When it comes to standardized tests, it all boils down to becoming a master of strategy. Whether you're looking for the best SAT prep class in Houston or just trying to figure out how to study for standardized tests, our test prep courses can help.

Admissions Coaching

A private admissions coach maximizes your chances of getting into to your dream school. Our expert coaches will help you impress admissions committees all over the country.

Professional Development

The Career Accelerator summer program is the perfect way to discover your professional path. During our professional development class, you'll learn the essential skills to succeed in the business world, such as resume writing, interview techniques, and more. Afterwards, you'll participate in an internship in the field of your choice.


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