3 Surefire Ways to Impress Your Internship Supervisor

The best advice I can give student interns is to treat your internship like a job audition. This is the chance for you to show your boss what you’re capable of. Give them a taste of your work, and leave them wanting more. Follow the following three tips and there’s no doubt you’ll impress your internship supervisor.

impress your internship supervisor

Come early, stay late

Yes, you are an intern. No, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work as hard as a regular employee. On the contrary — you should be working doubly hard. That means coming in early and staying late. It means going above and beyond in every assignment you’re given. Remember, this is your chance to show a potential employer what you’re worth. Nothing will impress your internship supervisor more than demonstrating your hard work and dedication.


Deliver a tangible product

Your supervisor may not have given you a particular “project”, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do one. Say your supervisor wants you to collect data on competitors. Why not go the extra mile and create a PowerPoint or video that can be easily shared with the rest of the company? Many employers are also impressed with the younger generation’s use of technology. Take advantage of it. Create something that they can use for years to come, and they’ll never forget you.


Say Thank You

Yes, you are likely working for little to no pay, but understand that this is simply part of “paying your dues”. Your internship primarily benefits you. Of course, the employer gets some perks with the extra hands on deck, but never forget that they are doing you a favor. Be grateful. And at the end of your internship, write a handwritten thank you note to your boss and any other employees who had a hand in mentoring you. (No, this is not outdated. People still love it.)


impress your internship supervisor

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