Is a Great Resume Really That Important?

Is a Great Resume

Really That Important?


“It’s just a little piece of paper, how much time should I really spend on it? My resume lists my educational background, gives the basic gist of my job experience, and I ran a quick spell check. I think I’m good to go! After all, is a great resume really that important?”

YES! Yes, it absolutely is. Staring at your computer screen writing, editing, and proofreading the same document over and over again might seem excessive, but if that’s what it takes to create a great resume, it’s necessary. This “little piece of paper” can make the difference between getting an interview and never hearing back from an employer. If you need motivation to polish up your resume, here are three big reasons why it’s crucial.

You have one chance to get an employer’s attention.

You might spend hours, days, and even weeks crafting the perfect resume (not to mention gaining the skills to list on your resume!), but a potential employer only spends 8-10 seconds on average reading it. Seriously! Employers typically screen a cover letter and resume at warp speed before dropping it into a pile of candidates to interview and candidates to outright decline.

This is your one big chance to get an employer’s attention ­– for the right reasons! A strong, succinct objective, an organized list of relevant skills, and an aesthetically pleasing format can earn some good attention. A typo in your header can get some bad attention.

Great Resume


This is your time to SELL YOURSELF!

You stumbled upon the job posting and you just knew that you would be amazing in the role. Not only are you capable of doing everything they want, but you also think you’d be a great fit at the company in general. That’s fantastic – now, tell them that!

 Think long and hard about why you know you’d do so well in that position. If you do relevant work in your current job, that should be one of the first things you say. If you took a course in a relevant subject, got an A+, and loved every second of it, tell them that! Don’t make employers read between the lines: spell out why you would be a total catch. Once you land an interview, you can prove it yet again!

On that note: you should not be sending out the same resume to every company you apply. Your resume should be tailored to show that particular company that you’ve studied the posting, you’ve researched the company, and you are applying for their very specific position.

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It can show them you are not just A candidate, you are THE candidate.

In one of my previous jobs, I had the chaotic job of sorting through hundreds of resumes daily. In this role, I saw a lot of good resumes. However, there were a few times when I spotted a resume that was not just excellent, but it was excellent for our company.

That’s the key. A great resume is good to have, but a lot of people have good resumes. A great resume will get you the job. A good resume has no typos or grammatical issues, but a great resume has no unnecessary words or unanswered questions. A great resume commands the attention of the reader, tells them who you are, and tells them why you’re a perfect fit.

Great Resume



So yes, having a great resume really is that important. And yes, it can get exhausting trying to polish up your trusty resume and make it perfect for a new opportunity. Our advice? Letting a professional help you out! Whether you need to craft a resume from square one or need to revitalize an old one, having a second set of eyes can be invaluable. From catching errors and spotting places that need clarification or strengthening, getting resume help ensures that your resume is stronger than ever. Contact us today to start working with an advisor that will take your resume from GOOD to GREAT!