All About Our College Admissions Workshop (As Told By a Former Student)

It’s 2020 – does anyone invest in anything without doing some serious intel first? We read Amazon reviews before pressing Add to Cart, and we check out Yelp pages before visiting a new restaurant. If you’re thinking about investing in the Enrichery’s College Admissions Workshop, there’s nothing better than hearing from a former student. Sneha Kumar went through our College Admissions Workshop in 2019, and this is what she had to say.

Why did you sign up for the college admissions workshop?

I was really hoping to get all of my college essays done as soon as possible. During the summer before senior year, I wanted to get them all finished so I did not have to worry about them during the fall semester, so I would be able to focus on keeping my grades up when I send in my midyear transcript. So, basically I just wanted to get all of my college essays finished by the end of the summer, so I could easily send them in with my application.

What did you find was the most helpful part of the college workshop?

Being able to set up the CommonApp, knowing how to do it and having someone help with throwing in all the extracurriculars – which ones I should throw in and which ones I should leave out.

Probably the most helpful thing was just having someone review my college essays from an outside perspective. It’s good to have people review it, but sometimes when you have your family or your friends review it, they’re looking at it through a lens because they know you. Versus someone who you just met, they don’t know you at all, so it’s probably better for them to read over it. They can see which things don’t make sense and which things do make sense from an outside perspective.

What did you find was the most enjoyable part of the workshop?

I think meeting other people who are going through the same process, as well as learning all about what is good when applying to colleges. As well as seeing where everyone else wanted to go, and hearing what their dreams and aspirations are for college.

What would you tell a high school student who is on the fence about signing up?

They should definitely do it so they can get the college essays out of the way, in a way that you’re assured they’ll be good when you send them in. Not only do you have them done ahead of time, but you also know that they’re peer-reviewed and pretty much flawless when you send them in.

What are your plans for next year?

I’ll be attending Swarthmore College in the fall, and I’m going to be studying Global Studies, as well as Peace/Conflict Studies, and I’m doing a minor in Japanese.

Senior year can be hectic enough – don’t throw college apps and essays on top of it. Reserve your spot in the College Admissions Workshop right now, and you’ll roll up to your first day with your college applications and essays done and dusted – and with the help of our amazing coaches and editors, you’ll know they’re Ivy League-worthy, too!