Like every graduating class before you, the class of 2020 is being celebrated this spring. Unlike previous classes, however, you’re being celebrated without hugs, parties, or even walking across a stage at commencement. In short, you’ve been robbed of the traditional pomp and circumstance that should accompany an achievement as exciting as graduation. While no one would say that things are easy, one thing is true: if anyone can handle graduating during a pandemic, it’s the class of 2020. Here’s why.  

You’re masters of technology.

You grew up with technology at your fingertips, so adapting to doing everything online poses no problem for you. Whether you’re setting up a Zoom birthday party or navigating e-learning, you know your way around the Internet and feel totally confident in your abilities.

You’re more connected than any other generation.

Between Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, FaceTime, Snapchat, and the dozens of other apps you’ve got on your phone, you’re set when it comes to connecting with friends and family. If this pandemic had happened a few decades ago, the isolation would look much different. While a FaceTime or DM isn’t quite as nice as face-to-face interaction, it’ll help get you through.

You understand the importance of mental health.

Growing up, our grandparents and parents weren’t very likely to speak up about mental health concerns. Slowly but surely that stigma is being lifted, and your generation is much more open about the topic. Undoubtedly, COVID-19 and self-isolation are stirring up a variety of mental health issues, and your generation is more likely to both speak up and seek treatment.

You’re a pro at self-learning.

For as long as you can remember, you knew how to find the answers you needed. Not sure how to change your oil? There’s a YouTube video. Interested in learning a new language? There’s an app. Curious about a historical event? There’s a podcast. More than any other generation, you know that there are alternative ways to learn and develop as a student. That comes in handy during times like this.

You’re used to thinking outside the box.

One wonderful result of your ability to self-teach using technology is that you also know how to make things happen. You’ve grown up watching people design smartphone apps, launch singing careers on YouTube, raise money for charitable causes with viral challenges, and start small businesses with a few clicks. While previous generations often followed a very straight and narrow path, your generation is used to shaking things up, getting creative, and being bold. In a time when many people feel stifled and restricted, you feel inspired.

(Of course, it’s ok if there are days when you don’t feel even remotely inspired, motivated, resourceful, and creative. Just because you have so many amazing strengths doesn’t mean you aren’t still a human!)

It’s unfair that your class is missing out on so much, but we know without a doubt that you will not only rise to the occasion, but also become even better for overcoming this. We’re so excited to see what you accomplish in the future – and we’re also here to help you meet that future head on. With our summer academic coaching, we’ll make sure your study skills are on point before you take the next step in your education. Contact us today to schedule your coaching, and we’ll help you start college strong this fall.

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