It’s been big news in the college admissions world: as Covid-19 complicates ACT and SAT schedules, some universities are going test-optional, allowing applicants to forego submitting scores altogether. And while deemphasizing the importance of standardized tests might first make you breathe a sigh of relief, we’d argue that in reality, great test scores have never been quite so valuable in a college application – whether or not your dream school is asking for them.

The Enrichery’s 3-month test prep program will help you earn those standout scores you need. Our students improve an average of 150 to 200 points on the SAT, and 4 to 6 points on the ACT, and those extra points can tip your application over the edge. Contact us today to get your starting score with a proctored mock test offered every Sunday (for free!). Then, we’ll work together to create a customized prep plan, complete with one-on-one coaching and take-home work. You’ll take a mock exam every four weeks to monitor your progress, and come exam day you’ll be ready to dominate. (Pssst… the ACT is offering test dates throughout the month of October, so start your 3-month prep in July!)

There’s one huge reason why a stellar test score is more important than ever right now. For many rising seniors, their junior grades were, well, totally screwed up by this pandemic. That semester full of high A’s you were counting on to get you noticed is suddenly full of plain old “Passes” – like the majority of the applicants you’re competing against. Previously, junior year grades were the most scrutinized grades on your transcript. Now, in this new Pass-Fail world, how exactly will you stand out? Strong test scores. (And a phenomenal essay, but we’ve already covered that one). 

Another reason why you should study (and crush) these tests? To keep your options open! Just because your dream school has gone test-optional doesn’t mean every school on your list has (or will). By doing some serious prep work and getting your best score possible, you simply have one more thing to add to your college admissions arsenal. You’ll be ready for test-optional and test-required schools, and you’ll have a variety of ways to show admissions counselors just what you’re made of.

 When I started my first job out of college, I was eager to prove myself. One day, my boss told me casually, “There is some extra editing work available. You don’t have to do it, but you can!” That “optional” task really didn’t feel all that optional. It was an opportunity to prove myself, and I happily seized it. That’s how we can view these test-optional schools. Sure, you’re off the hook for sending your scores… but right now, why waste a chance to impress?

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