8 Reasons We LOVE Working at The Enrichery!

You’ve probably heard that quote, “Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” While it’s a nice sentiment, I don’t know if it’s a realistic goal – after all, no matter how much you love your job, there are always days of long, hard work. Instead, find a job that you love so your hard work can feel meaningful to you and appreciated by the people you work with. Thankfully, that’s what I’ve found during my six years blogging for The Enrichery. For this week’s post, I asked eight members of The Enrichery team to share why they love working at The Enrichery. Here’s what they had to say.


“I have worked at The Enrichery for five years and couldn’t say enough about what a wonderful team and community we have here! Our work is rewarding and meaningful – and we have FUN! I worked for two larger corporations previously and can say that the office environment here is something you don’t find easily. Our team is passionate, caring, and always ready to help others be successful. Sarah [our leader] is encouraging, extremely motivated and works right alongside us. I truly feel lucky to be a part of this organization.” – Taylor, Marketing Director


“I have been with The Enrichery for about 6 months and it has been an illuminating journey filled with growth, both personally and professionally. I go to work every day knowing that I am cared for and supported. The leadership team invested in me from the start and as I’ve moved from Academic Coach to working as the Recruiting Specialist full-time, I have never felt like my hard-work was unappreciated. That sense of belonging makes the stressful days easier and the happy days even better. I am happy to be a part of The Enrichery.” – Cierra, Recruiting Specialist


“I was a teacher for 7 years before starting with The Enrichery, and I can say without doubt, this is the best job I have ever had. We work as a team and I have never been a part of a place that truly wants their employees to be successful. I have found a home that gives everything they have to each student that walks through our doors. One of our core values is “Win as One” and that is exactly what we do here. Each member of our team works extremely close with one another to create the perfect environment. It is the greatest honor and blessing to have found The Enrichery and get to be a part of this great team.” – Dillen, Memorial West Director


“I have been with The Enrichery going on three months now and it has truly been a joyous experience. Not only was I immediately immersed into the lively and warm atmosphere of the company’s culture, but I felt as if I was welcomed into a big family. While still new to The Enrichery, everyone here has been so supportive of my journey and growth so far. We truly are a team and everyone really goes above and beyond to be inclusive and motivating. Being a part of this company is such a blessing as it really showcases and practices my values of education and personal growth. We continue to persevere alongside our fearless leader, Sarah [our founder], and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us here at The Enrichery!” – Emily Ambs, Memorial West Office Manager


“I love working at The Enrichery because it is an engaging and collaborative environment. I appreciate the opportunity to work somewhere where I feel like my coworkers truly embody our shared values, and I love that we seek every opportunity to get to know our communities better. I am challenged every day to become a better teammate and leader and enjoy that we are always innovating and looking for ways to improve and become more efficient. The growth of this company and enthusiasm of my colleagues is inspiring.” – Kate, Director of Operations


“The Enrichery is one of the best teams I have ever worked for. Family is a big part of my life and this company has allowed me to work a flexible schedule while being able to commit time to them. The amount of opportunities is immense however, my time outside of work is respected. They are always finding ways to support me in my professional life by giving me ways to expand my potential.” – Christopher Symms, Academic Coach


“I have never been able to find a team that I have been able to both rely on and enjoy working with as much as I have with this crew. The team at The Enrichery is always embodying our company’s shared values and is actively improving our communities by promoting awareness of executive functioning. The Enrichery, as a place that encourages improvement in students through building better organizational habits, naturally encourages staff members to reflect on their habits as well to become better employees, leaders, and people. I look forward to continuing my professional growth through The Enrichery, and I find the progress we make with students to be incredibly inspiring.” – Zach Lasker, Head of Coach Development


“Working at the Enrichery has been a fantastic experience these last six months, especially my co-workers. While I was finishing my Master’s, everyone was extremely supportive and would help in any way possible if I ever needed. Now, as I apply to medical schools, the support remains, with my co-workers offering to help with my applications and interviews. My passion for becoming a physician is rooted from my love for teaching, and working at the Enrichery has not only confirmed my love for teaching, but also enhanced it. Learning everyday from a diverse group of students and co-workers, the experience I’ve gained at the Enrichery will follow me into the clinic.” – Gianpiero Paletta, Academic Coach


Interested in seeing what all the hype is about? The Enrichery is always looking for new people to join us in helping students and families set, reach, and celebrate academic milestones (and full timers get benefits!). Check out our openings here – we can’t wait to hear from you!