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Maximize your chances of getting into the school you've always dreamed of.

College Admissions Results

Our College Admissions Workshop is a five-day summer course that provides the expert coaching and focused essay writing time that students need to get into their dream school. Our intensive, 30-hour program guides students through the bulk of their college applications before the start of their senior year, and is proven to help students get into a school of their choice.

The Enrichery Difference


We’re the only college admissions program in Houston that focuses on ALL aspects of the college admissions process – not just college essay writing.


Classes hold a maximum of 4 students for every 2 instructors, allowing for ample one-on-one instruction and personalized attention.


At our “Round table meetings,” two coaches and one outside editor discuss every candidate and essay, simulating the way an admissions committee would review an applicant.


Our coaches are experts who know what admissions committees are looking for and are able to provide strategies that help students market themselves in the best way possible.

Program Details

Tuition: $3,595

July 15th – July 19th, 10 a.m - 4p.m. (1 space remaining)

July 22nd – July 26th, 10 a.m - 4p.m. (1 space remaining)

July 29th – August 2nd, 10 a.m - 4p.m. (1 space remaining)

August 5th – August 9th, 10 a.m - 4p.m. (1 space remaining)

What Our Families Have To Say

"Thanks to you and the team for all of their efforts working with Kendrick. I know we as a family would not have come up with the essays on our own that he did working with you all, and I feel certain that the workshop helped his admission chances. Doing the workshop and the majority of the essays before school started was a great decision for him and our family, and made his senior year much easier. Additionally, doing it totally on our own would have been fraught with so much more conflict and tension, so thanks for saving us our family relationships! And we appreciate the ongoing support for the scholarship applications as well."
- Delaina F. 

"Before working with Sarah, I was very confused and stressed about college application process. [The Enrichery] is better than some other similar programs because of their intelligent and qualified instructors. They helped me produce quality essays and applications that would help me stand out to colleges in a very small amount of time. It was a huge relief and burden off my shoulders after finishing applying to all my colleges. Now, I have gotten into all the colleges and programs I've applied to so far, [and I am] feeling confident about the rest of my results!"

- Parker

"Before I came [to The Enrichery], I had no idea what I needed to do for college and I was really scared I was going to forget to do something. . . . [After working with them] I finished all my applications, brought my science score on the ACT from a 25 to a 35, and I have gotten into one of my top school choices. I feel very confident that my applications are complete, and that my essays make me stand out amongst other applicants. I really liked how they guided me in what I needed to write in my essays. They helped me bring out things I never would have written on my own. . . . if it weren't for this help I probably would not have gotten into one of my dream schools. I couldn't have done it on my own"

- Julia

"Sarah is young and fresh and the kids can relate really well with her. It was a wonderful way to begin the process of letting our kids leave our nest. This incredibly large and important (grown up) process belongs to the child...They worked independent of mom. They are in charge of the passwords and emails and deadlines, etc. The product the kids put out, because of the guidance of Sarah, is perfection. Both of my kids were able to feel good about having done everything they needed to do to present themselves to the colleges in a polished manner."

- Joan, mom

"[Because of The Enrichery], I didn't have to go through this process alone not knowing what to do. Even though [my essay] was a serious topic, I enjoyed myself. I have now gotten into 9 schools and counting!"

- Margo

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