A New Blog Segment: Professional Development

A New Blog Segment: Professional Development


Faithful Blog Readers,

Today, we are saying goodbye to Get Fit! Friday and HELLO! to Get Professional! Friday. We’ve been getting thousands of questions about how to choose a college major, how to decide on a career, how to land a job, etc., and we decided that a blog segment covering these very important questions was in order.


professional development


Professional development requires a deep understanding of self. (This is a very important piece of the equation that is often skipped, which is why many of us change jobs so often.) Once we understand our strengths, likes, and vision for the future, we can use that knowledge to ultimately find a fulfilling career. Of course, there are about 4 million steps that go into this nice little scenario. Since this is something that is totally left out of high school and most college curriculums (…um, what?), we are here to fill in.


We know that learning about your particular area of interest in school is only a very small part of what it takes to successfully enter the professional world. While you may be the world’s greatest math nerd, you must first convince someone to give you a job before you can strut your stuff. And not just any job — a job that’s a good fit. (More on this later.)


personal growth


A job hunt is comprised of skills that can be taught and mastered. A job hunt is a process that allows us to learn more about ourselves and determines our future trajectory. Why are we just wingin’ it?


Professional development is an enormous part of personal satisfaction, and everybody knows it. We hope that our new Friday blog posts can provide guidance in a field that has mostly been left to chance.