5 Misconceptions about College Athletes

5 Misconceptions about College Athletes

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1. They don’t have to study: No, they study as same as other students. In fact, they need to meet GPA requirements to be eligible for the college and the sports division.


2. NCAA is only way: Although the NCAA is the most well-known organization for college athletics, it is not the only one out there.


3. College athletes don’t have time for friends, schoolwork, or clubs: While sports are often very time consuming, coaches make sure the athletes have athletic-academic-campus life balance.


4. All athletes get major scholarships: Although it is true that many athletes do receive partial scholarships or sometimes even a full ride, not all athletes are so lucky! According to US News, “There are roughly 138,000 athletic scholarships available for Division I and Division II sports. That might sound like a lot, but it isn’t. For instance, more than 1 million boys play high school football, but there are only about 19,500 football scholarships. Nearly 603,000 girls compete in track and field in high school, but they’re competing for around 4,500 scholarships”.

5. The college process is easy for athletes–they just get recruited if they’re really good: This is so far from the truth. Almost all athletes do the legwork when it comes to getting noticed. They don’t just sit on the sidelines (pun intended). They are the ones reaching out to coaches, putting videos together, and making sure they attend the right tournaments to get that coveted college athlete status.