Creating Quarantine “Extracurriculars”: Simple Ways to Improve Your Resume or Application… From Home!

It’s easy to feel like life is at a complete standstill right now. In many ways, it is! That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t use this time to your benefit. While it’s tempting to binge your third Netflix series and work on your TikTok moves, you can actually use this weird time to strengthen your resume or college application and come out of this quarantine a more well-rounded human. And we promise, self-improvement doesn’t have to be painful – in fact, this is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with it!

Explore your interests by taking free college classes with Coursera.

Not quite sure what you want to study in college? Or totally sure but want to explore side interests as well? Sign up with Coursera for free, and you’ll have access to hundreds upon hundreds of online courses, in subjects from engineering to social sciences to business to digital marketing. Take Buddhism and Modern Psychology offered by Princeton, Chinese for Beginners offered by Peking University, or a Calculus course offered by the University of Pennsylvania. Looking for something less academic? Coursera offers a variety of personal development courses as well!  

Brighten your neighborhood with art projects.

If you’re artistically inclined, use your gifts to cheer up the people around you! Grab some chalk and decorate the sidewalks in your neighborhood. In my own neighborhood, someone has scrawled bright messages like, “Have Hope” and “Wash your hands!” Get creative, and add a little color to a not-so-colorful time. You’ll not only brighten your neighbors’ days, but it’s a chance to practice your artistic skills. (Just don’t forget to stay at least six feet away from any passersby!)

Start a letter-writing campaign to show a little love to people who need it.

One side effect of the coronavirus is this all day, every day isolation, which can hit some people particularly hard. Nursing homes and hospitals around the country have gone on lockdown, prohibiting visitors and cutting off the social interactions that many of their patients cherished. If you’ve got paper, envelopes, and some spare stamps, you can alleviate some of this loneliness with a letter! This article on includes several organizations seeking letter writers, and you could call around to local facilities as well.


OK, you can’t exactly list every book you’ve read on your college app or resume… but reading can expand your vocabulary, broaden your knowledge, and, potentially, light a spark. In fact, two of my own biggest passions were ignited because I read about them in novels! When you’re juggling long school days, sports, clubs, and social lives, it can be hard to just sit down and tear through a book. Luckily, you’ve got plenty of time now! If you don’t have any books lying around, you can find cheap or even free e-books to read on your phone or tablet.

Begin one of your “one day” projects.

Everyone has a project or goal that they tell themselves they’ll do “one day.” I have one. You have one. I’ll start my food blog whenever I have some free time. I’ll start learning French at some point. I’m going to take those online photography courses eventually. Today’s the day! You finally have long stretches of time and nowhere to be. Plus, this entire situation will go by quicker if you’re focused on something! You don’t have to give up television or devote hours upon hours to a new endeavor. Unless, of course, you want to!

Fundraise or become a “virtual volunteer.”

There are so many people and organizations that need our help right now. While we don’t all have the funds to donate monetarily, there are so many other ways you can still make a difference. Simply raising awareness for causes you care about and fundraising, whether it’s through social media posts or phone calls to friends and family, can make a massive impact. There is also a rise in “virtual volunteer” opportunities, where you can help organizations via your phone or computer. You can check out various virtual volunteer opportunities here.

There is something so powerful in having a sense of purpose, and that’s never been more true than right now. While there is no shame in having days where you never change out of your pajamas and the most productive thing you do is wash your hands (ten times). You just can’t let that be your every day, and the tips above can help you utilize this time you have in the best ways possible!

Another brilliant way to use this time? Working on your study skills, prepping for the ACT and SAT, and crafting the perfect essay for your college applications. That’s where we come in! Contact The Enrichery team today and we’ll get you set up with an individualized plan – we’re even delivering Enrichery goodies and test prep materials!