Finding a Silver Lining

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When COVID-19 closures and social distancing started to become the norm back in March (about 562 years ago if you’re counting), I remember people incredulously saying, “I heard this could still be going on by Memorial Day!” The thought that this pandemic could uproot our lives for over two whole months seemed crazy… but now it’s October, and we’re still very much dealing with it. If you’re feeling burnt out, stir crazy, or worse, you aren’t alone – and that’s why we wanted to try our best to find some silver linings right now. We’re convinced that if you look hard enough, there’s always a bright side… and hopefully, a little shift in perspective will brighten this extraordinarily tough time.

We’re finding joy in the little things.

I don’t know about you, but a “great weekend” for me used to consist of fun restaurants and plenty of social outings. Now, finding an interesting documentary on Netflix and getting takeout is a massive success. Suddenly, we’re all taking great pleasure in doing little things like walking our dogs or making a homemade latte. This pandemic has forced us all to slow down and change plans, and we’re making the best of it.   

We’re being resourceful.

It seems like almost overnight, we were forced to change how we do basic things. Students quickly adapted to virtual learning, and found new ways to manage their time and stay motivated. Many families were turning their homes into co-working spaces, juggling a full house of online school with remote work. We found new ways of connecting with friends and family we couldn’t see, even hosting birthday parties and other celebrations on Zoom. We’re doing curbside pickup and virtual 5Ks and socially distanced family outings and it’s a resourceful wonder to behold.

We’re learning to balance our time.

Some high school students are learning how to manage their time while doing school 100% online, while many parents are navigating remote work with childcare. Our bedrooms have become our offices and finding a school-work-life balance hasn’t been an easy feat… but we’re doing it! Most days! If you can juggle life’s responsibilities in such a strange, strange time, there’s nothing you can handle moving forward.

We’re spending more time with family.

Some days this might not feel like a plus, but it truly is. We are staying home more than ever, which means we’re spending more time than ever with the people we live with. For once, we’re not skipping family dinner to rush out to social obligations and extracurricular activities, and believe it or not, we’ll look back fondly on these memories.

We’re pursuing or discovering new interests.

I mean, sometimes there isn’t anything else to do except find new hobbies. Maybe you’re reading more (or reading for fun for the first time), or maybe you’ve gotten into meditation to deal with the stress. Perhaps you’ve become an amateur chef recreating that dish you miss from your favorite restaurant. Even if the only interest you’re pursuing is an extra nap or two, we salute you.

Speaking of embarking on new endeavors… we are so excited to announce The Enrichery’s big news! We are officially opening our second office, and we’re so excited to see you at our new Memorial West location soon!

Check out the video below, as our fearless leader Sarah offers a sneak peek at our new, in-progress space.

Posted by The Enrichery on Saturday, October 3, 2020