Five (Free!) Ways to Unwind

Five (Free!) Ways to Unwind


  1. Go to the Park

Parks are a great getaway when the weather is nice. Check out local events such as an outdoor BBQ, free yoga, festivals, concerts, etc. You could also have a picnic with your loved ones, walk around the park taking pictures, or jog around the park. (Check out these Top 10 Parks in Houston!)











  1. Volunteer

There are tons of volunteering organizations out there where you can get involved. Not only you will be learning new things, you will meet new people!










  1. Cook 

We love food, and cooking dinner for family and friends can be fun and relaxing! You get to try out new recipes, create new flavors, and learn something you can use for life! Look at this list of Things You Should Know How to Make Before Going to College.










  1. Read

Run to B&N or Half Priced Books to check out new novels, magazines, newspapers, journals, etc. Reading for school can be a chore, but don’t let it convince you that there is no such thing as reading for pleasure!










  1. Watch a Movie

If you’re really feeling a lack of energy, go ahead and unwind with a movie. If you don’t have Netflix, type in “(movie you choose to watch) online free” and you will get a lot of links to free movies!  Check out this List of Inspiring Movies.