Secrets to Finding a Job After College

Secrets to Finding a Job After College

Finding a job after college is no easy task. It is scary and feels like someone is pushing you off a cliff. But with a little information, this process doesn’t have to be so bad. Finding a job is quite do-able if you do it right.

Here are things I wish I’d known many moons ago about job hunting after college.

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Use your connections. Don’t feel like it’s “cheating” if you get a job because you know someone who knows someone. It’s not. That’s pretty much the way the world works (and it’s one of the easiest ways to get a job).



Do WAY more research about the company and job than you think you need to. An employer wants to hire someone who really wants to be there — in that office — not just in that industry. Doing your research on the company and job itself allows you to prove to them that you’re the right person for the job. (“I noticed you all started offering a resume writing service this month! This particularly interests me because I worked at the writing center over the past two years at the University of Texas, and I have a lot of experience helping others write and edit resumes and cover letters.”) Research can happen via the company’s website, their social media, and their blog.

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Don’t forget that finding a job is a competition. You are competing against other people to land that job, and it’s important to have that competitive edge. Don’t sell yourself short in an interview. If you know you’ll do a great job for that company, you need to say so. Don’t be shy about letting an employer know that you’re the best person for the job. You’re out to win.

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Network. Everywhere. Think of any time you meet someone as a networking opportunity. Remember, there are things you can learn from everyone you meet. Get interested. (And if you’re nervous to network, read this great article on networking for introverts.) Pro tip: Right after you meet someone, connect with them on LinkedIn!




Invest time in your resume. Yes, it is super boring to work on a resume. But it is a sure-fire way to land an interview, and if your’s isn’t perfect, you won’t ever even make it through the door. There’s absolutely zero excuse for typos.

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