The Enrichery Explores Nashville

The Enrichery Explores Nashville

What a trip! Becca and I arrived in Music City on Tuesday night, ready to do some very important research for our Nashville summer internship program. (First order of business: best places to EAT!)

We made the most of our food-finding mission, and lunched, brunched, and dined at all the hottest Nashville restaurants. Let’s just say, our interns this summer will NOT be disappointed with the food! Here are some of the places we tried and loved:

SATCO (Vandy staple; tacos are still the best in town)

Nashville, SATCO










Fido (great coffee spot)

Nashville, Fido










Germantown Café (awesome brunch!)

Nashville, Germantown Cafe








Pancake Pantry (fantastic pancakes; always a big line!)

Nashville, Pancake Pantry








Nashville Sweets! (amazing Samoa cupcakes! …Let it be known that the bench was wet. That is all.)

Nashville, Nashville Sweets








Mafiaozas (to-die-for Italian & pizza)









And one of the best parts of our trip: live music EVERYWHERE! Even in the airport!

Nashville, Live Music in Airport








We also visited some of the most beautiful high schools we’ve ever seen to meet with their college counselors. We toured Harpeth Hall, Battleground Academy, Montgomery Bell Academy, Currey Ingram, and many others. We were quite impressed by the caliber of people (and the gorgeous buildings!) in the Nashville education scene.









Nashville, Harpeth Hall




Nashville, Currey Ingram







Nashville, Harpeth Hall








A significant part of our trip was also spent at the Vanderbilt Peabody campus, nailing down the details for student housing and the professional development class. I’d like to announce a big THANK YOU! to all of the Human and Organizational Development (HOD) staff and the Center for Student Professional Development directors.

Vanderbilt Student Life Center






Nashville, Peabody Classroom




Nashville, Student Housing Nashville, Student Housing



















Overall, Becca and I had an awesome time in one of the greatest cities in the world. We absolutely cannot wait to share Nashville with the interns this June!!