The Link Between Study Skills and Self-Esteem

study skills

You’re at a job interview, and you’re given an exceptionally tricky logic puzzle to complete. You’re told that the hiring manager is looking for someone who is naturally gifted at puzzles. When you inevitably struggle to figure out the puzzle, you instantly feel defeated. You’re clearly not naturally gifted – this puzzle was going to take blood, sweat, and tears – so what’s the point in trying?

Now consider a slightly different scenario. You’re given that same exceptionally tricky logic puzzle, but you’re told that the hiring manager is looking for someone who works hard and doesn’t give up easily. This time, you know that your effort is the most important factor, and therefore you’re pretty much in control of your own destiny at this job interview. You’re more motivated than ever, and you feel really dang good about yourself when you finally solve that puzzle.

When you consider this scenario, it’s not hard to see how this concept applies to academics. While being naturally brilliant in all courses and earning As with minimal effort would be ideal, it’s not realistic – and placing that expectation on ourselves would certainly be demoralizing. When we know how exactly how to study, however, we become confident and empowered that even if something doesn’t come naturally, we know how to earn the result we want.

When we boil this down, the key difference in those scenarios is mindset – that is, having a fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset. With a fixed mindset, we believe that we’re either good at something or we’re not, and we will either have success or we will not. With a growth mindset, you recognize that hard work and the proper resources can get you where you want to be. In other words: the possibilities are pretty much endless.

With this growth mindset, the key is developing strong study habits – which, perhaps unsurprisingly, are positively correlated with a strong self-esteem. When you feel like know how to effectively study, you have that internal locus of control, and you feel pretty good about yourself. When you feel pretty good about yourself, you believe in your own capabilities, and you’re motivated to hone and utilize those great study skills… see how this positive cycle continues?

Great study habits are positively linked with strong self-esteem, and both are correlated with academic success (though you’ve likely already figured this out). When you invest in your child’s or your own study skill development through The Enrichery’s Executive Functioning Mini Classes, your return on investment ultimately winds up being a whole lot more than a great GPA this semester.